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In 1990, Mr. Warren graduated from William Mitchell College of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota and has over 25 years experience practicing law. After graduation he went into law practice with an expert criminal defense attorney and incorporated the firm Shaughnessy.

Barton J. Warren Defense Attorney

Mr. Warren is well experienced and specializes in DUI, Homicide, Assault, Embezzlement, Domestic Violence, Theft, Sex Crimes, Drugs, Juvenile Defense, Child Molestation, Fraud and Drug cases.
Read his case results to get an idea of what can be done for you and your case.

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Possession Of Large Amount Of Controlled Substance – Case Results

Marijuana PossessionCharged with POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE, 3rd Degree Felony based upon transporting 25 lbs. of MARIJUANA. Pled to POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE as a Class A Misdemeanor. Sentenced to PROBATION which shall end upon payment of a fine. DEFENDANT SERVED NO JAIL TIME.

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