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In 1990, Mr. Warren graduated from William Mitchell College of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota and has over 25 years experience practicing law. After graduation he went into law practice with an expert criminal defense attorney and incorporated the firm Shaughnessy.

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Mr. Warren is well experienced and specializes in DUI, Homicide, Assault, Embezzlement, Domestic Violence, Theft, Sex Crimes, Drugs, Juvenile Defense, Child Molestation, Fraud and Drug cases.
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Salt Lake City Drug Lawyer

Humans are prone to error, and if you have found yourself on the wrong side of the law with a drug offense in the state of Utah, you are likely scared and wondering what is going to happen next. In the coming months, you will be facing prosecutors and judges, and the consequences could be hefty. It is important to hire a criminal defense attorney now to best protect your rights.

Offering the Help You Need

While jail time may seem inevitable, a seasoned attorney will get to work offering the help you need, and it is possible that you can avoid doing any time at the Salt Lake jail. Our staff gets to work reviewing your case, and we explore every possible defense as well as alternate sentencing options.

Repeat Offenders

If this is not your first drug offense, hiring an experienced attorney is crucial. The judicial system is harder on those who have been charged in the past, and the sentencing will be far harsher. Having an attorney at your side is very important to ensure you receive an optimal sentence.

What About Misdemeanors?

Those being charged with a misdemeanor in Salt Lake County or others nearby, may feel that it is not worth the investment in legal counsel. However, a drug charge conviction can damage your record. Future employers may not consider you as a good candidate for jobs, and you will not be able to receive federal student aid if you ever decided to earn a college degree. We are here to help, and we will fight to get your misdemeanor charges dropped.

Important Facts From Mr. Warren

Drug cases range from misdemeanors for possession of a small amount of marijuana to possession with intent to distribute some of the most dangerous drugs known. Of course, these are FELONIES that can be sentenced quite harshly by the courts.

As of late there have been an increase in drug prosecutions for individuals who buy medical marijuana in California and transport it through Utah.

Also, many of these cases are detected using confidential informants making controlled buys as well as search warrants. The affidavits for the search warrant must be thoroughly reviewed and challenged in court if necessary if PROBABLE CAUSE does not appear to exist in the application.

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