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In 1990, Mr. Warren graduated from William Mitchell College of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota and has over 25 years experience practicing law. After graduation he went into law practice with an expert criminal defense attorney and incorporated the firm Shaughnessy.

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Mr. Warren is well experienced and specializes in DUI, Homicide, Assault, Embezzlement, Domestic Violence, Theft, Sex Crimes, Drugs, Juvenile Defense, Child Molestation, Fraud and Drug cases.
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Homicides are among the most horrendous crimes that we deal with due to the resulting death of a human being. The consequences are extremely high and it takes an experienced lawyer to sort out the details and hold the state to its full burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The evidence gathering, chain of custody and challenging of all evidence is a must and takes a seasoned attorney to sort it out. There are many well marketed attorneys who simply do not have the trial experience to handle cases of this magnitude.

Homicides can range from manslaughter, a lesser form of homicide, to murder and capital murder which requires intent to cause the death. It is imperative that an attorney be able to identify and effectively argue all possible defenses and to thoroughly examine and challenge all evidence offered by the state.

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